Title Search

A Copy of Title is now known as Register Search Statement.  It is the electronic representation of title information, and it replaces earlier paper forms of titles.  

It contains: 

  • Land description 
  • Names of the current property owners 
  • If there is a mortgage registered on the title 
  • Any encumbrances, caveats and notices

The information is public and registered within the Victorian Land Registry.

Searching for a Register Search Statement (Copy of Title)  

Simply begin your search for a Register Search Statement (Copy of Title) by going to the Order Now button below.  You can use the address, volume and folio number, lot on plan or crown allotment to identify the property. 

Please note using the address to find title certificates incurs a separate Land Index Search Service Fee of $8.70. This can be avoided by using the volume and folio number, which is a unique reference number given to each land title in the Victorian Online Titles System (VOTS). LANDATA requires this number to ensure that we return the correct certificates.  

You can avoid this service fee entirely if you have your Title Certificate. The volume and folio number are normally found in the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, some local councils include the Volume and Folio number on your rates notice. 

Register Search Statement (Copy of title) from $7.64

Delivery time: 5 min by email