Instruments i.e. Transfer of Land, Mortgage and Caveat

An instrument is any transfer of land, mortgage, caveat, covenant and agreement that has been lodged at Victorian Land Registry and has been processed and registered. A search will provide an imaged copy of the instrument. 

A glossary of terms explaining each instrument type can be found at 

Ordering a copy of an instrument 

Begin your search by identifying the property using any one of the address, volume and folio number, lot on plan or crown allotment.  

Please note: Using the address to find title certificates incurs a separate Land Index Search Service Fee of $8.70. You can avoid this service fee entirely if you have your Title Certificate. The volume and folio number are normally found in the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, some local councils include the Volume and Folio number on your rates notice. 

Copy of Plan $5.38

Delivery time: 5 min by email