Commemorative Title

Commemorative Title

Celebrate the journey of home ownership with a personalised Commemorative Title

At SERV, we believe that property ownership is a milestone worth celebrating.

The occasion marks the start of a homebuyer's vision of the great Australian dream, and reflects the hard work it took to get there. 

To commemorate this achievement, SERV carries forward the 160-year-old tradition of celebrating home ownership in Victoria with an official, personalised, and tangible Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate (VCT).  

Commemorative Title example
Commemorative Title gifting

What details are included on the Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate?

Issued from official Victorian Register of land, the bespoke Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate features:

  • The property’s unique Volume and Folio number
  • Victorian State Government official coat of arms
  • The Registrar of Titles’ signature
  • Embossed stamp detail for authenticity
  • Australian hardwood frame (optional)

Made by Victorians, for Victorians. Get yourself, a friend, or a client, a personalised Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate - a unique memento to cherish for a lifetime.