Order Information

Step 1 – Specify Property

I am having trouble finding my property

If the system fails to find a match on address, try another approach using an alternative identifier, such as Lot on Plan number or a Standard Parcel Identifier (SPI). These can be obtained through LASSI.

  • Enter your address in the search bar and press enter
  • Click on "identify property" located on the menu bar above the search bar.
  • Once LASSI returns a result, you can use either the Lot on Plan or SPI number as a reference.
  • Either of these references can then be entered into the appropriate field in the Landata ordering system, within Step 1. Your reference will be matched to a title which you then will be able to order.
Step 2 – Confirm Property

There is more than one property is listed

If there are two or more property results for the same identifier, you must select one. This will be the information used to order certificates.
If you are unsure of the details for a property returned by the search you could:

  • view and confirm the property is identified on LASSI (see above).


  • Check the information you used to specify the property. Go 'back' and change the identifier option and / or information used to specify the property.
  • If you order a Registered Search Statement (Title) at the next step, a Land Index search charge (a fee) will be incurred. To avoid this extra charge, return to Step 1. "Specify Property" and enter the Volume / Folio number.

Confirm property details

In order to go to the next step you must "confirm" that the details selected are to be used by a responsible authority to issue a certificate for your required property. Your confirmation is Landata’s authorisation to send the selected property details to the responsible authorities.

Step 3 – Select Certificates

How do I know when to expect the extra service charge?

A Land Index service charge will be applied if a Register Search Statement(Copy of Title) is requested and you have not provided the Title (or Folio) reference. The system will automatically indicate when the system will make this charge. The extra charge does not apply when other certificates are requested.

Diagram for a Title Search

A title search includes the current ownership information and any registered encumbrances on the property. Under the computerised VOTS service a title search does not include the diagram (Copy of Plan), so the system will auto select it for you. If you don't require a copy of plan, you can deselect.

Turn-around times

Turn-around times are indicative only and are provided as a guide only.

Additional information – Custodian specific

The additional information will appear if the Certificate authority requires additional information to allow them to accurately issue the certificate you have requested. Failure to provide the required information will automatically remove the selected certificate from your order. The balance of your order will proceed based on the provided data.

Step 4 – Delivery Details

Choosing a delivery method

All certificates will be delivered via email as a PDF attachment except for the following four certificates when they are larger than 7MB in size: 

  • Register Search Statement (Copy of Title)
  • Copy of Plan
  • Paper Instrument
  • Electronic Instrument

These certificates, if over 7MB in size, will be delivered via email as a secure URL link in PDF format. This link will remain active for 120 days after it has been supplied.

If these certificates are under 7MB in size, they will be delivered via email as PDF attachment.

You can also view all certificates online for 120 days after they have been supplied.

Step 5 – Payment Details

Credit Card Users

Landata will take all reasonable steps necessary to protect your personal information and credit card details with respect to confidentiality and security of data. Credit card details are encrypted for your protection using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Accepted credit cards are Mastercard and VISA.

Please note:

  • credit card "acceptance" requires up to 250 seconds to process the details, please be patient.
  • if the approval process fails it will be more than likely due to a system error.
  • before leaving this window, please "Save" your order for completion at a later time.
Step 6 – Receipt for the order


Here you are able to print or e-mail the Tax Invoice/Receipt for your records. This receipt contains the time and date when the order was processed as well as when the receipt was issued. The receipt also show the property identification details used for the order.

The receipt details for each selected certificate the Authority fees, the Service Charge and any GST amounts relating to the certificate ordered.

Your Orders

Order mailbox

All Submitted or Saved Orders are stored by the system. Orders are listed in chronological order with your specified reference.

Access to this mailbox is via the normal user login. There is a storage area for Submitted orders which have been forwarded onto the appropriate authority for processing, and another area for Saved orders.

Submitted orders

Property/Order | Certificate | Creation Time | Receipt Number | Your Reference | Status | Action


  • The status of a certificate within the order is shown. This status will be updated to show when the authority has processed and returned the completed certificate.


The available actions are:

  • View Order – Displays the property details and the list of selected certificates and their status and the specified delivery method.


  • Copy Order – Used to copy the property details from this order into a new order.


  • View Certificate – Retrieves, as a PDF, the selected certificate.

Saved Orders

Step One Identifier | Date Created | Your Reference | TPI Reference | Action

The available actions are:

  • Delete – Delete saved order.


  • Continue – Retrieve saved order and return to finalise the order.

All orders are stored for 120 days

All submitted/completed orders are stored and can be retrieved from this online mailbox any number of times for up to one hundred and twenty (120) days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can I get from Landata?

Landata is the online delivery service for Secure Electronic Registries Victoria (SERV). Landata delivers the following products:

  • Title search
  • Copy of Plan
  • Various Instrument searches
  • Land Index search
  • Property certificates
  • Property sales information
  • Planning certificates
  • Water Register Share entitlements and associated documents
How do I place an order?

There are two ways that you can place an order:

How much does each title search cost?

2023/24 price is:

  • Online: $7.64
What payment options are available?

We accept payment using Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

What is the cost of ordering a copy of the plan?

You can purchase a Copy of Plan at a cost of $7.26.

What information do I need to order a Copy of Title?

You will need the Volume/Folio number. This is normally found on the top right hand side of your title. If you don't have this reference, please provide us with your full street address.

What if I don’t have the Volume/Folio number?

We can provide the Volume/Folio number for you by using the street address, however, this incurs an additional fee known as a Land Index search fee of $8.70.

When ordering online, the system will automatically advise you of this additional charge prior to you completing your order.

How can I order a copy of a transfer, caveat, or mortgage?

These are known as instruments.

You will require the volume/folio number for the title or you can use the street address, however, this will incur an additional Land Index fee. You will be advised of this additional charge at the time you place your order.

How can I access or obtain Property Sales Information?

Property sales information for a single property

You can access this online at

Property sales information to support an objection to your rate

Landata offers a Property Sales (Rates Objection) Report.

  • Select "Titles & property certificates" from the main menu, enter your address and follow the prompts to order.
  • To subscribe or to obtain ad hoc reports for property sales information for an area, a locality or statistical median, property sales information can be obtained from one of Landata's information brokers.
Can I obtain property sales data to support my rates objection?

Yes, Landata offers a Property Sales (Rates Objection) Report.

The Property Sales (Rates Objection) Report provides up to 20 of the most recent comparable sales records (by geography and property type) for any address in Victoria.

Can anyone search the Titles Register?

Yes. The Titles Register is a public register.

Can I search the Titles Register using an individual’s name?

Searching by name is known as a Proprietor Name Search. This type of search is only available through our Information Brokers.

How do I contact an owner?

The Register Search Statement (title) includes the name of the property owner. It also has the owner’s address at the time they purchased the property and as entered on the Transfer of Land.

The address may be:

  • The address of the property just purchased.


  • The previous address of the owner before the new property was purchased.


  • The current residential address of the owner, if they do not intend to reside at the newly purchased property.

The address on the Register Search Statement (title) is the only one SERV has for any owner. Property owners are not required to keep SERV informed of any changes of address so those that appear on the Register Search Statement (title), therefore, these may not be current.

How can I monitor the progress of plan (registered or unregistered) or activity on a title lodged with SERV?

The Landata Property Transaction Alert Service provides an easy and economical way to monitor activity on a title, registered or unregistered plan.

Please click here for direct access to our document tracking system.

Can I change or cancel my order once I have submitted it?

The Landata system allows certificate requests to be submitted instantaneously to most custodians. Consequently, orders cannot be changed or cancelled once submitted.

How can I get a refund?

Refunds are generally provided only where a fault with a Landata system has resulted in the customer receiving the incorrect product.

If you provide incorrect details or simply order a product that you did not require, no refund will be provided.

I want to change my title details?

Click on the following link - FAQs - SERV (

I have a question relating to a lost or destroyed certificate of title
I have a question relating to caveats, covenants and easements
I have a question relating to Transfers of Land or Mortgages
Where do I go to obtain Land Use Victoria forms for property transactions and dealings, associated guides, and fee listings?

Please visit the Forms & Guides page.

How do I provide feedback?

We value your feedback and are always looking for ways to improve our service and your customer experience.

Please complete the LANDATA enquiry form by clicking here.


Glossary of Terms

For a complete glossary of terms